Yo dawg, I heard you like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle - MORE SCREENS! MORE INFORMATION! MORE JOJO! CLICK HERE!

Crappy translations brought to you by Google:

 Speaking without fear of misunderstanding, this work is not a fighting game. It “JOJO” this game is. What’s more, it is a “JOJO” game has been made with love and passion immeasurable.In less than one minute to start the play, relentlessly, to the original love will come and spread hate Do~ugyu~un. Mortal character with every move you do not get tired of sex appeal, onomatopoeic rendition, just looking …. It’s supposed to be surprised during the play leave the original fan if “Yes, I’m the words!”, And “! Are reproduced with that scene.” The so, there is no work that reproduces the original world so far. Normally, in this case to introduce such combo comfort and touch, but would correct, but I want to avoid talking too much about that part.Those sections are comfortable as a matter of course, because, because I have finished the work which was full of love “JOJO” Sonouede. Your fight and ripples your stand is established.Fight to get the iron ball to manipulate the “rotation” golden man and pillar is established.Enough, “weirdness” of this film it should travel on their own. People who go to Tokyo Game Show 2012, to experience the 試遊 of this work at NAMCO BANDAI Games booth, will realize the potential power of CyberConnect2 and NAMCO BANDAI Games started developing. To feel that touch, in its production, at a time that … reproduction.

Definitely getting a PS3 for ASB.

Hat Tip: Mr.U.U.U

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