Pete Rock (T.R.O.Y., ’nuff said), Mike Bivins (you know from Bell Biv DeVoe…that girl is poisonnnnn), Ebro (of Hot 97), Bobbito (you have to remember him from the The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show  if not, you gotta remember him for being the announcer for NBA Street vol 2 and 3), and Extra P!

Time is Illmatic [performance]

Time Is Illmatic left more to be desired. It was still a good documentary but there was definitely more they could have done with the film such as, building off of scenes where Nas talks about the first time he met (insert producer’s name here) and how track (insert tack name here) came to be and just going off of that. Nevertheless, it’s still a must watch for Hip Hop heads and stans fans of Nas. Big ups to Sony for hooking a brother up with tickets.

Drop everything and watch this right now. One man takes the task of covering “Let it Go” from Frozen in the voice of various Disney/Pixar characters. Enjoy.

Get On Up

Sampled!:Bruce Hornsby and the Range - “The Way It Is”


13 years later…still can’t believe I still remember a good portion of Taina’s opening theme song. 

It’s official! Boondocks will be returning to a television near you for its fourth season on April 21st @ 10:30pm EST. Cannot wait to see what Aaron McGruder has in store for us (also, what’s up with this Black Jesus series he is set to produce?).

Bruce White’s VelvetMania

[Velvet Geek]

In what looks like a return to form for Wes Anderson, I’m really looking forward to The Grand Budapest Hotel especially after watching The Royal Tenenbaums.